Rodeo in you office

Rodeo chair make you day more active...

The movie 

Design and improve your spinal health...

A sittingconcept that improve spinal health and look amazing in you office.
Rodeo improve your health by facilitating an active sitting position and using the human urge to move at any time. Backache is the most common cause of sickness absence and the single disorder that costs society the most. The Rodeo chair is designed by professionals. The purpose is to prevent wear and tear - improve spinal health.
Rodeo chair is sitting activ and still being trendy...and


Watch the movie...

The movie

Rode - Design that improve

Investment in spinal health!
The aim of Rodeo Chair has been to develop a chair concept that promotes good spinal health by facilitating an active sitting position and use the natural human urge to move. Rodeo Chair has a modern design idiom suitable for the modern aktiv office!

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