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Rodeo chair for spinal health

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At school or at home... we sit too much!

The goal has been to develop a seating concept that promotes good spinal health by encouraging an active sitting position and utilizing the natural human urge to move at any time.

The University of Stavanger (Norway) performed extensive tests in 2015 and 2016, which show a significant improvement in spinal strengthening of pupils sitting on a Rodeo chair, compared with an ordinary chair.
RODEO - promotes global spinal health.

Active Children = Happy Children

The Rodeo chair´s impact on back muscles «Biering Sørensen test»
Boys: Intervention group; progress in spinal strength of 39.9% in the control group; progress in spinal strength of 13.9%
Girls: Intervention group; progress in spinal strength of 87.5% in the control group; decline in spinal strength of -16.6%
Conclusion: There is a significant improvement in spinal strength of the intervention group for both sexes. In fact, girls in the intervention group had a greater effect of using Rodeo chair than boys.

FEATURE: The Rodeo chair ensures your natural movement urge. The round shape encourages an active and balanced posture. You stimulate the central nervous system and the chair fits comfortably, without compromising the rest of the interior. The result? A stronger back.

Children + Rodeo = Spinal Health

Pictures from Bø Primary School, Nærbø Norway

Rodeo is recommended for schools

Colin Pritchard-Davies is the principal at Eiganes School, which has had a trial project with Rodeo chairs since autumn 2016. He says they have very good experiences.

- Pupils with a little body turmoil get a lot of energy by being in motion on their chair. Additionally, it makes less noise when you spin physically on the Rodeo chair versus a regular four-legged chair. It helps to create a quieter class environment, with the effect that the children learn better. I believe that schools that are renewing should definitely look at Rodeo as an option when considering new chairs, "said the headmaster, who also has a Rodeo chair in his office.

Rodeostol - Design with function

The Rodeo chair is a perfect example of a form that also has a function with a clear beneficial value. The person sitting, is in constant motion and therefore strengthens the core muscles.
University of Stavanger performed studies in 2015 and in 2016, showing a significant improvement in spinal strength of one sitting on a Rodeo chair, compared with a regular chair.
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"We know that children are in less physical activity than before, but the Rodeo chair makes them" train "in the classroom, which is very good. The pupils are satisfied, the teachers are satisfied and I am satisfied say the principal. The use of Rodeo on Eiganes has also resulted in less noise in the classroom.